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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about becoming LIC Agent

What is the primary duty of an LIC Agent?

The primary duty of an agent is to sell life insurance plans of LIC to the prospective customer according to their needs.

Whether is there any target to LIC Agents?

LIC agents are reviewed every agency year with the Minimum Assured Business (MAB) the rules are;

  1. 6 Lives or 50,000/- First and first year premium or
  2. 12 Lives  or
  3. 100,000/- First and first year premium


What is the Minimum Qualification required to become LIC Agent?

Minimum Qualification is 10th Standard for urban and rural candidates to take up lic agency.

What if we do not meet the targets prescribed by LIC of India?

The Agency will be terminated immediately on completion of their Agency year and commission credit will cease.

What is the Minimum Age to become LIC Agent?

The Minimum age should be 18 years old and a citizen of india as on the date of application for agency.

What is the remuneration offered to Normal Agents ?

Commission is offered to agents as remuneration which varies according to the plan and term of the policy. Commission will start from 2% up to 35% which includes Bonus Commission as well.

Whether undergo any training and exam to become LIC Agent?

25  hours of online or class room training which is compulsory and online examination prescribed by insurance institute of India.

What are the other benefits apart from commission?

Recognition in prestigious clubs is granted to the performers and fringe benefits such as letterheads, envelops, certificates are awarded.  Gratuity and Advances are offered to senior and performing agents. Competitions are floated every month and attractive prizes are awarded.

Whether online examination is of writing or multiple choices?

Online examination is of multiple choice conducted by NSE iT Limited.


Can we take up agency if we are in government or private employment?

Yes, can take up LIC agency without any permission from your employer.  LIC will never ask NOC from your employer with respect to private employment.

Procedure to become lic agent

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