Benefits to LIC Agent

Why should i pursue agency as a career!!!

Benefits to LIC Agent – Few industries provide unemployed or inexperienced individuals with an opportunity of unlimited earning from the very first day of working. The agency career with LIC however is an exception. For these agents the sky is the limit when it comes to their earnings and signing their own cheque. With flexible working hours and the control one’s own agency as a business, life insurance agency  suits those with entrepreneurial aptitude.

Benefits to lic agents

Attractive Renumeration

First of all, foremost benefits to LIC Agent is the remuneration will be paid to in the form of Commission as percentage of premium collected through the policies sold by you. It is not a one time commission on a sale, It provides royalty income through out the term of policy,as long as policyholder pays the premium

The Commission rates on regular premium policies are as under: 

1st year of the policy :                Up to 25 % on the premium       

Bonus Commission:                  40% of first year commission 

2nd and 3rd  year of policy :     Up to 7.5 % on the premium     

4th year and onwards :              Up to 5% on the premium

Stipendary Agency

LIC  has started paying salary to the new agents, which is a attractive benefits to LIC Agent who wish to become career agent in the urban metropolitan area and who are eligible to take up agency  and the pre condition is that they should not be on full time employment else where as on the date of application for appointment as lic agent.

The reneumeration is moderately attractive as per the standards and they are paid Rs. 7,000/- every month for 12 months and they receive commission as well

They are poularly known as CCA Agent(City Career Agent) in LIC 

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Benefits to LIC Agent


Similarly the benefits to lic agents are the entry in premier Club Membership,  noteworthy is the recognition bestowed upon the agents to increase their status in the society and in the Corporation. Club members are additionally rewarded with fringe benefits.

Finally MDRT, is an international recognition to agents who are honored in USA, and LIC will give allowances to go and participate in the international conference. It is a body of world life insurance professionals

Gratuity and Group Term Insurance

Group Gratuity and Group term insurance is also the benefits to LIC Agent, who are entitled to get the gratuity at age 60 or 65 years after being an LIC Agent for a minimum 15 years, presently the Maximum Gratuity amount payable is upto Rs.10 Lakhs depending up on the amount of renewal commission paid during last 15 years before the vesting age.

Agents are also covered under group term insurance and group mediclaim insurance.  The coverage depends on the performance criteria of the individual agents and the clubs they occupy in LIC, it varies.

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benefits to lic agents


Moreover Agents are recognized for their extra ordinary performance and are suitably honoured and adequately compensated with cash awards,gifts and memontos which add to the feather to agency earnings.

Competitions are floated weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis by various divisional office, regional office, zonal office and central office of the corporation.

Procedure to become lic agent

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